Most of our kids are bullying victims

We can talk about bullying until the cows come home. That will not change a thing. For many of us it can be a daily occurrence at work, home or in social settings. We can research statistics, work with our children and young adults and educate them about what bullying is while being mindful that there is no one solution.

We can however start with building confidence in an individual and providing the tools to assist someone in a situation where they are being bullied.

Effects of bullying

Bullying affects everyone involved, the person being bullied, the bully and those who witness the act itself.

Being bullied can affect your child or young adult in many ways: you may recognize some of the impacts of bullying already, they can range from feelings of sadness, depression, loneliness, interruptions to sleep patterns, eating and other health issues. Many children who are bullied experience a reduction in academic achievement and in some cases may avoid school and other situations where they are feeling unsafe.

Confidence and Self Worth

Building confidence in an individual prepares them with some everyday skills and can assist in situations where a child or young adult is being exposed to bullying. Creating a safe place is a step towards building confidence and self-worth. Providing foundation skills in combatting a bullying environment are a step in the right direction.

Karate and Confidence

My Healthy Mind Karate offer an holistic approach in the Martial Art of Karate through mentorship, coaching, skill building and discipline building and are some of the key elements to building self-confidence and self-worth. These are some of the first steps we provide for the student to enable them to use simple tools to help in everyday life. MHM Karate work with our students and assist them in their journey of building skills so that they can and take alternative steps when faced with bullying.

Our regular classes and One on One Coaching options give our students some of the tools that they may require in their daily life. Our Sensei’s and Coaches are experienced in working with children and young adults to develop technical skills, discipline in training and self-confidence in a safe environment through our Karate coaching program.

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