Health Benefits of Karate

Karate is a centuries old form of Martial Art, encompassing physical movement, discipline, situational awareness and meditation. 

The art of learning self defense allows us access to valuable knowledge, building stronger physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 

Benefits come to us as incidental by-products: skills that we learn, movements that we make, disciplined mindful actions that teach our bodies a new way of moving while developing situational awareness. while we embark on training our bodies in a way that we may not have before, each level revises what we have learned and through the teachings of your Sensei, new skill levels are explored and refined at your own pace.  

There are many health benefits associated with Karate. We begin to register these benefits as we take our journey into one of mindfulness and self-discipline. While many of the benefits are physical there are positive emotional outcomes to be found as well:

Building self-confidence and self-worth as you progress through each level of competency gives the student a sense of achievement. Physical movement, flexibility and strength in training result in increased fitness. Physical and mental strength are strengthened through training. Developing discipline through, training and focus while learning the art of self defence. Personal Safety and situational awareness exploring how we can use our body to protect ourselves in safe a non-combative way. Training in a group builds relationships and a feeling of belonging and acceptance socialization and connections are formed. Learning in a safe place where respect for the knowledge is valued. 

All of these benefits are incorporated into learning the art of self defence.

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