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How can I let anger go?

Michelle 10/11/2021

Identifying what is really hurting you is important.    

The next part is solving your dilemma or problem. 

There I can do one of two things, either,

  1. Can I now let this go?
  2. If not, what is underneath my anger reaction that needs to be resolved.

I can let it go by self-soothing and telling myself things like “its ok I’m just having a tough day “. “This will pass.” ‘He didn’t mean it, he’s only tired and didn’t mean it”. 

Ways to self soothe are: 

  • Read / draw/ journal/ go for a walk, play with my puppy. 
  • Watch funny videos.
  • Share with a friend.

If I cannot let it go then, what can I do next?

You can talk it through calmly with the person who made you angry. 

Some of the things you could start the conversation with are:

  • I felt hurt when you ….”
  • I felt frustrated when you ….”
  • I was scared when you ……”

This may not always work, as the person you are angry with may not respond well. This does not mean you have failed. Remember, you cannot control what choices other people make. Maybe you have learnt something new for next time and remember all the time you do this you are practising your newfound my healthy minder skills! You will soon be an expert at it!