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What is Anger?

Michelle 10/11/2021

So, what is anger?

Anger is the emotion we feel when someone upsets us or does not give us what we want. It could be when you want to use an iPad that someone else is using and you feel they are on it for too long, or someone laughs at you at school because you slipped on your butt on the wet grass. Or you just want that ice cream and its nearly dinner time and Mum says “No”. 

When we get angry what is happening in our brain? 

Well, there are two parts to our brain. 

  • Our primitive or emotional brain.
  • Our logical or rational brain.  

When we get angry, we have a small almond shaped organ in the brain called the amygdala,   which is part of that emotional brain.

This amygdala gets triggered, like a huge noisy smoke alarm. The rational brain gets bypassed or hijacked and the amygdala goes off big time! And it is loud and scary!!! So, we are only using our emotional brain to react to the situation, and it does not always look pretty to the people interacting with us or watching us! Our brain becomes flooded with emotions, and we cannot think clearly at all. In fact, sometimes we can look like a Tasmanian Devil we are so angry and expressive. When you are really “flooded” that is what iscalled (very clinical word here) a purple meltdown!! 

Now sometimes we need that emotional brain to work on its own as it is like a first responder, it motivates us and others it keeps us from danger of hurting ourselves our putting ourselves in danger.

However, we sometimes use anger in situations where the smoke alarm is too strong a reaction, it is only going to make things worse, harm ourselves or others and most importantly hurt our relationships. 

This happens because we react suddenly to the situation that is upsetting us rather than thinking and then responding later.