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What was my anger telling me?

Michelle 10/11/2021

After a while of doing the things that distract you, you will find that your emotional smoke alarm starts to calm down and you feel more balanced and ready for the next step.  That loud angry feeling is gone!

Once your emotional brain alarm has switched off, your rational brain can kick in and lend you a friendly hand to solve your problem.

Then with your logical brain yourself, 

What was my anger telling me? 

Anger is the emotion we often express first; it is the driver of our behaviour but underneath it is only 3 feelings.

Anger is: 

  • Emotional pain 
  • Frustration 
  • Fear.

Sometimes it can be all three feelings missed together. 

What is the message my anger is trying to tell me about my needs?

Is it anger just because my friend does not want to play x box or is it that I fear being lonely? 

Identifying what is really hurting you is important.   

The next part is solving your dilemma or problem.