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Where do we found anger in our bodies?

Michelle 10/11/2021

Well done, did you get them right? 

Now we move onto where we find anger in our bodies. 

So how do we teach ourselves to respond rather than react?

The first thing we can do here is learn about our own bodies and how we show signs of anger inside our body first. Anger can have a physical warning sign like a danger sign in our body before we explode. Just like the smoke slowly rising before the smoke alarm goes off. 

Where do I FEEL my anger when it is starting to rise?

  • Does my heart start to race?
  • Does my chest feel tight?
  • Do my hands get sweaty? 

Are my thoughts starting to tell me negative things such as? 

  • “I’m going to hit him “
  • “You are pissing me off now!”
  • “You think I’m an idiot?”

Where do you feel it and what are you saying to yourself about this person, yourself, or situation? 

Recognising this in you in real time is VERY IMPORTANT. This skill learning it while it happens to you in real life, will be your best friend. It is your own PAUSE button.

Once you have PAUSED that button take a deep breath. 

 Practice: responding NOT reacting. 

Ask yourself: What can I do now to help myself be my own best friend?

  • Walk away with your anger.
  • Breathe deeply 10 times.
  • Listen to music. 
  • Draw/paint an angry picture. 
  • Punch a pillow. 
  • Refocus your brain. 
  • 3 things I can see, 3 things I can hear, 3 things I can smell, 3 things I can touch. 

This can be called your own special “time out”. In your time out you have given your brain breathing space to process what was going on for you and work out the best way to tackle your situation.