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Sensei Simon

Meet Simon Sensei Co-founder

Simon Johnston is an invaluable asset to My Healthy Mind and offers counselling services, karate, and life coaching. He provides a sense of comfort to those reaching out by putting people at ease with his approachable and non-judgemental nature. Simon works with children and their families to rebuild relationships and reunite unity within the home. Competing worldwide in karate, Simon brings extensive knowledge and skills to his karate classes which he participates in 3 times a week with his entire family. He is continuously updating his skills and qualifications by participating in up to date training. This allows Simon to provide his clients with the latest counselling and life coaching techniques to ensure they can successfully reach their goals and be the best version of themselves.

Sensei Mark McConnell

Black Belt 3rd Dan/Mentor/Coach

Sensei Grant Hewitson​

Black Belt 3rd Dan/Mentor/Coach

Sensei Jack Johnston​

Black Belt 1St Dan/

Sensei Ebony Calton

Black Belt 1st Dan